10. For an informal ________ about this post, please telephone Emma Peet on 01332 9487604


2. Now match each extract to sentences (a -j)

a) If you get the job, you will be well looked-after by the company.


 b) If you have applied for the same job before, please do not reapply.


 c) Here are some of the duties.


 d) If you would like to talk about the job in more detail, please contact…


 e) The money you will earn will vary depending on what you have done in the past.


 f) You can apply even if you have never done this job before. 


g) You will be well rewarded financially.


 h) There are jobs with various hours available.


 i) You don’t need to go to work every day. 


j) Good annual leave entitlement is one of the perks of the job

Taken from http://www.englishbanana.com/