Hi Migue

I´m Jairo Suarez and I’m Camila’s friend.

 I`m sixteen years old and I`m in eleventh

grade at a state school in Bogota. I’m

writing to you because I know you’re

In eleventh grade too and I would like to

have friends who may be feeling what I`m

feeling right now.


I´m very excited about next year. I know

everything will change and I`m a little

nervous. I know I want to be a pilot and

I see myself flying a plane and traveling

around the world five year down the line

but I still don´t know how I will do that.

I know studying to be a pilot is expensive

but I have thought about different options.

I can apply for a scholarship, or I can work

Part time and save the money to pay for it.

How do you feel about all the changes next

 Year? Have you thought about what you’re

going to do with your life after graduation?


                        Seen at 11:42 on Thursday